Thank you Fabbers for all your help a few weeks ago on what to look for in a TED talk mentioned things I hadn't even thought of and your comments were so helpful!

I have been heads down on creating the actual talk but now with it less than 3 weeks away, I really have to get myself clothed

I am looking for:
A dress - hitting knee length or longer (not hard as I am 5'4")
Not grey, black or white - in a bright or mid tone colour
No print
Interesting but not fussy details
fitted/structured (fit & flare is great)
In a fabric that glides (jersey, wool, etc)

I am very hard to fit for dressed because I am curvy, pear shaped and shortwaisted - so I usually need a petite.

Any ideas or links? I have ordered some to try on from The Bay, J Crew and BR...but any other suggestions are welcomed!!