Hi all,

I got this AT skirt last year on super discount. This was before I realized that my wardrobe really needs to move away from skirts. However,  by no means do I want to get rid of all my skirts, and this one is beautiful. I am just buying many fewer of them. I bought this on a whim before I made this decision, without thinking how it would be difficult to pair with existing tops.

I had to get rid of the top I used for this in the past, which was a black turtleneck that developed a hole. I am not sure what else to wear with it, and most of the tops in the stores these days (sweaters and not) tend to be boxy or oversized, which won't work here.

I prefer not to buy a button down shirt (and don't have any that would go with this, color- or style-wise). I am otherwise open to suggestions. I have a long-sleeved black tee, which seems like a blah choice for such a pretty skirt. Most of my other tops or sweaters won't really go with it, except maaaaybe this sweater (I tend to opt for bright patterns or jewel tone solids in blue/green etc). I think I prefer not to do a sleeveless top with a sweater but it's an option, and I do have a nice cardigan. Any other ideas? I'd like more options than the striped sweater below and the black tee.

I would most likely wear this with black tights and knee boots, given the cold weather. I have an upcoming occasion I'd like to try it for. If I can't find enough ways to make it work, I may pass it on, though I could consider keeping it and considering it a limited holiday-capsule item. PS: This is closer to knee-length on me than on the model.