Ok I will admit I am being a tad lazy as I am super busy at work and reaching out to the wonderful YLF community for some leads or help.

December is always a rush to get all my work/reports done before my 2 week vacation. Unfortunately, this year I am working up to Christmas Eve and my nephew is getting married on December 31st. I need help finding a dress that will work for outdoors (greater Los Angeles area). The ceremony (3:00pm) and reception will both be outside. The sun will be setting and its gonna be "cold" (I realize this is subjective depending on where you live, hahaha). I was thinking something long sleeve and velvet to keep me warm. But I am open to any suggestions. I look best in sheath style - but will go for a long dress for the occasion and weather. The wedding itself will not be formal, more smart casual I think. The reception is in my brother's back yard. I think they will have heaters but may or may not tent the back yard.

Any suggestions, referrals to websites or brands or anything is greatly appreciated at this point. I looked at Nordstrom a bit but was wondering if there are any other places/brands that would be great to check out. I haven't attended many weddings in the past 10 or more years. Thanks in advance ladies.