Hi friends, sorry I've been scarce - and now I'm popping in for advice! With the first few cold and snowy days upon us (thankfully it's not going to last!), my thoughts are turning to my need for a deep winter uniform and supporting capsule that will allow me to maintain a modicum of polish when the really awful weather sets in. Currently, for fall, early winter, and early spring, I am good with my jeans + fine-knit sweater + ankle boots uniform, but when I'm cold to my bones, I end up turning to sweatpants, Roots hoodies, leggings and thick socks to stay warm. I think I need to lean into this and create a small and intentional capsule with these types of pieces.

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • thick leggings - fleece lined? Any favourites?
  • sweatshirts that are not athletic or hoodies per se - oversized enough to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt under comfortably for extra warmth; long enough to cover my butt without draping down below my winter coat; nice enough that I look like I bothered - any suggestions where I might look for sweatshirts that don't feel slobby (bonus points if they don't cost a billion dollars; I'm looking at you Lulu although maybe that's my best option)
  • thick socks - I love Roots socks so might just get a bunch
  • proper winter ankle boots - maybe Timberlands, which are pretty popular among the mom-set in my town, but warm and practical too - any other recos?
Yes, I know this is pretty blah as it goes! But this winter will be miserable enough; I can't face being cold and slobby on top of it! If you have ideas or suggestions per above, it would be greatly appreciated!! xoxox

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