Let me state up front- loud and clear- I am NOT JUDGING!
I need everyone to help me understand something because I clearly am having a hard time wrapping my pea brain around this concept.

Why do people buy ( at top dollar) brand new clothes with rips and tears in them? Clearly stores carry them year after year because people are purchasing them.

I understand worn- faded- well lived in jeans ( I love them and I have them)
I just don’t understand spending good money of already ripped or shredded ones.

Is it because I am a product of an age when I had to wear hand me downs that were battered- when it wasn’t fashionable btw?
Please help me understand this current fashion trend!

Update- btw what brought this on is I just went to a site for jeans and 90% were ripped and distressed. Hello- I am trying to replace ripped jeans- lol