I am done with shopping for this year. Honestly! However my birthday is next month and I decided that I will save my hubby some anguish and do the gift shopping for him
I am not a bag lady. Actually I am as bag illiterate as they come. But I really need to add at least one neutral bag to my collection.
Currently I have 2 totes - silver and tan python. Between them they cover my warm and cool spectrums. Totes are very useful for me to those days when I need to carry my gym clothes in addition to my lunch to work. I was honestly thinking I would not need any other bag and I am covered!
However I discovered that for those days when I don't need to carry my gym clothes to work my totes are too big for me and I need smaller bags. I have one very structured tomato red satchel but even while red is neutral if does not work every single time - and sometimes I just want a quiter bag for an outfit.
So this brings me to a need for a neutral satchel which is big enough to fit my wallet and lunch but not too big that they get lost in it. My ideal satchel would be black and white but I don't see many of those. I want a good quality but not overly expensive bag, ideally under $200. So as our Shannon I turned to Danier and here is what I found in styles I like and size I need:
Celia satchel in black and taupe (pic 1 & 2)
Etta satchel in black (pic 3)
Barrel satchel in black and dove (pic 4) Website does not show dove anymore though but it is the same color as pic 5
Round Shannon bag in dove- or maybe black (pic 5)
Lori satchel in bone (pic 6)
Kelly satchel in taupe or black (pic 7/8)
Two-tone satchel in black and white (pic 9)

Here is the problem: I cannot decide on the color. My outerwear is cobalt, cream, black, purple, tan and red. My clothing neutrals are black, white, cream, navy, some browns, greys and taupe. For colors I wear purple, burgundy, red, cobalt, teal.
I don't own a black bag - do I need one? Or maybe grey or taupe is better for me? I do like black and white satchel (pic 9) but I ned to see in person it it is big enough for me - dimenwions look a bit small online...
I have not looked at them in person yet: I was going today but suddenly had to work the whole Sunday What do you think - which color and style for me? Or none of the above?

Thanks in advance!

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