Buttoned up fitted cardigan or a turtleneck in blue - the blue is really, really flattering - and the red pumps.

That is a fabulous skirt and you have styled it perfectly. I also like #1, #7, and #9 the best but the skirt is more versatile than I would have thought by just seeing it on the model in the first photo you posted.

1,2,7,8,9 are my favorites bc the top is more fitted, balancing the fullness of the skirt.

LOVE this on you. Enjoy the par-tay!

I really like the black Tneck. I think the more fitted the better. I also think the silky blue top is beautiful. These two just have two different vibes depending on what you're going for. I also wonder what a light colored top would look like. Cream or beige to match the colors in the waist band. Maybe a cream Tneck? With gold shoes.

#1 and #7 all the way. Killer to the power of Killer.

#7 and #1 are my favourites, and I wonder if a gold silky or sparkly tank top would work for warmer venues? Gold seems to work with your colouring and picks up the yellow in the design, better than the cooler silver or sparkly accessories. Also, what about a menswear type of white button down?

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Wow, so much great feedback, everyone!

I think I am doing #1 for tonight (cold venue) and 7 for a Messiah singalong on the 16th. I have a sparkly top being delivered today and maybe I will wear it to a theatre opening next week. It's fun to have so many occasions to wear my new wardrobe pet!

Gorgeous skirt. #1 &#7 all the way.
However I would also try the red cardigan buttoned up for a more retro look.

I liked the red... What did you go with?

You can never go wrong picking up one exact color from the print! I would pick navy or orange, depending on my mood and occasion, but nr. 1 and 7 are perfect, too!:-)

Love this skirt! And I vote for 1 and 7 as well.

The black tneck is perfect. Or any fitted black top. I think trying to match a color in the print diminishes its impact. And the denim tops dress it down too much. Beautiful skirt, looks great on you.

if it's not to late to voteā€¦.i think it looks great with the black, other the turtleneck or the vneck, but the blue silk takes it to a whole different level, so that would be my vote