Guys it has been awhile. I’m a rare commentor, frequent lurker, and haven’t made a post in a loooong time. I have a new dressing situation that has come up and I really need your expert advice.
So I am about to turn 40, mom of three kids ages 15, 15, and 10. I have been working freelance from home, teaching preschool 2 days a week and homeschooling my kids basically for the last 11 years. I recently applied for a remote position that I thought was a long shot, but I have gone through two interviews and was told in a follow up call that I was their top choice at the time. I am supposed to get a call back next week.

IF this job works out, I will be working remote but I will need to be on site for a couple weeks of training. This is totally new territory for me. I would be working as an in-house copywriter. The company is by nature a casual brand (think camping gear) but I still want to be professional. At the same time, I feel like writing is a creative career, so I don’t want to be too boring! So what kind of outfits should I wear if I go on site for training or appear in person for a follow up interview (so far it’s just been via zoom)? I’m also in the Deep South so it’s already like summer practically. Please advise me!