I’m trying to decide what to wear and how to pose for a certain photo.

I want to take a picture of myself hanging from the Brandenburg Gate, just like my friend’s keys hang from the hooks I gave him, in case he needs encouragement to “hang in there” after his post-op cancer screening. (The “happy news” gif is already done). Here are some practice shots I took tonight. It seems getting far away from the camera and having it in a high spot will be key. There are plenty of websites like this one https://www.google.com/amp/s/t.....format=amp about photographing the gate, but not for this goofy shot. I clearly need to go during daylight. The sun would be behind the camera in the morning, or I could shoot into sunset later in the day. Realistically, I’ll probably go when the clouds clear and the sun is shining, no matter the time of day.

I haven’t decided yet what to wear or the exact pose. What color scheme would work with my wardrobe and the plaza? Green pants to match the chariot on top of the gate, or red flares to stand out, or something else? I want my hair to look thick & long, my arms & legs muscular (he actually squeezed my bicep to check, lol). What profile do I want—flare pants, straight or “skinny” legs, short or midi skirt? I’m thinking of my LLBean pilot's jacket, which is dark brown & welted just past my waist. Any suggestions on the pose? I don’t want to duplicate my pose in 5 (to which he said “you are amazing!”) where I am actually shaking apples off a tree, but how else do I do this? I should probably work out something where I’m lower to the ground, but who hangs with their legs bent?

There are many people on the forum who are skilled at this sort of thing. It’s just a goofy shot to cheer up a friend, but I’d be grateful for advice. TIA!

ETA I might try a pose like these
I’m thinking the key will be stretching out my upper body, even with my knees bent. Screenshots added to pictures.

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