Hi, all -- I have been scarce here for a variety of reasons, but popping in as I have been able. I hope to follow up with Angie's fantasy/ reality challenge next week if I can, now that I am home; that looked like fun and a good learning opportunity.

But for now, I'd love your thoughts on some sandals.

I need to replace my Sofft Bernias. (Find 1) I loved them literally to death last year.

So far, I haven't found much in the stores near me that fits the bill. I need comfortable, walkable, flattering, not frumpy, and not completely flat. I really loved the Bernia anthracite last year and would be happy with a metallic for this purpose.

(My other sandals are: comfy but higher heeled taupe cage sandals, similar to Find 2; black high vamp open toed sandals -- comfort is only medium because the peep toe bothers me a bit, unlike on the caged sandals Find 3; a less comfy wedge with silver and nude that are not all-day shoes, same shoe but different colourway to Find 4).

Options I'm considering as "Bernia replacements" are Finds 5,6,7.

In addition to a Bernia replacement, I have also been searching hi and low for white sandals -- as in, I've been looking for 3 years and not finding.

And/or I wouldn't mind adding a brightly coloured sandal or shoe -- but I might wait for mid-season sales to do that.

Complicating all this is that I can't find any of the ones I'm considering in Canada for under $240. UGH.

Would love your thoughts on these and any other options you might have noticed. Especially if I can source in Canada.

I can always order to my US address and pick up at the border, but the next month is crazy busy for me and I am not sure I'll have time to do it -- always a problem.

Thanks in advance!!