Time for my Seattle conference is quickly approaching and I have started thinking about what to pack.
I am mostly concerned about what coat/jacket to bring and what footwear would be the best. I will be there 8 nights. Conference is IT, so I assume very casual. I hate being cold, and I easily get cold sitting in only jeans and sweater - I usually add blazer and scarf to keep warm. But not sure how heated the venue will be. Maybe no need for blazers? I was searching on internet for ‘what to pack for Seattle in November’ and common advice is - rain jacket. What the hell is rain jacket? How warm it should be? Is it trench coat weather, wool coat weather or heavy puffy weather? Pants or jeans? Booties or sneakers? Color or neutrals? Decisions, decisions... I will check in my suitcase, but want to leave enough space there for shopping in Seattle with Angie and other fabers that I am especially looking forward to.

I only have this Saturday for some potential shopping if I have to buy something before my trip, next Saturday is national holiday here and everything will be closed. And Saturdays are my only possibility for shopping.

I have my whole wardrobe in finds. Please have a look. I would like to make collection from your recommendations.