Hi all, Suz suggested I might want to consider duping my jeans, if only to deal with laundry bottlenecks, and she has a great point - I have been guilty of being TOO frugal, and perhaps wearing the same jeans literally almost every day is an example

Anyway, I'm feeling the urge for something different, but I know from experience that a tweak is generally better than a pivot for me - so I want a little different but it doesn't have to be a lot different. I found a pair at BR that might good to try? They are pretty classic, a slim-straight with a higher rise, and in a lighter wash than I usually wear, but they still seem to be in line with my usual streamlined jeans style (and won't be a nightmare with boots in cold weather).

Would love your thoughts? Do these look current to your eyes?

I am open to other suggestions too - although I admit I will probably ultimately purchase from the "Gap trio" because I know my size, the price is right and their online shopping situation is good (retail is closed here still).

I definitely DON'T want a true skinny or jegging, or a dark wash because I have that option in my closet and don't want to wear it right now particularly. I am open to a straighter or wider leg, although I'm not feeling bootcuts or barrel-legs for myself. Lmk what you think!