Shoppers of ylf, may I have your assistance please? I am taken by this skort, could wear it to work out and running around town, including on my bike. It is sold out is size S/M in “Forever plaid”. I requested notification when it’s back in stock, but haven’t had good luck with this company restocking things in the past.

I’ve tried to look for it on European sites, but the word “skort” doesn’t seem to have made much of an inroad here. The German word “Hosenrock” seems to mean both skort and culottes, so brings up far too many hits.

I’ll be in the US, dropping my son off at college & doing my little research trip, at the end of the month, so can get it there.

PS. Onzie seems to be coming along in size inclusivity; I noticed that many of their items have pictures of larger sizes; their XL now goes up to size 18, for a 40” waist.