Hey Fabbers,

I am calling on your shopping superpowers for help! I realized that i have a big hole in my spring/summer wardrobe: casual dressy tops to wear on the weekend to parties, barbeques, etc. I am looking for tops that are:
- washable
- breathable (not 100% poly)
- can be layered over (no crazy sleeves!)
- sleeveless or short sleeve
- fluid or boxy fit to the hipbone
- solid or patterned (I love grey, blush, navy, white but am open to other colours)
- must be easy to ship and return to Canada (J Crew, Banana, the Bay, Anthro, Massimo Dutti, Zara (though I don't love their quality) etc

I have a preponderance of beautiful silk tops that I wear a lot to work, but don't work for my MOTG weekend lifestyle. I still want them to be semi dressy. I know it's a tall order...but can you help?