I am starting to worry a little about outerwear. Vegans have it tough...nothing with wool, leather (be that fully leather or even the smallest trim), silk or down/feathers. It rules out so many coats. I currently have a men's outerwear store jacket. Not that glamorous at all. Ruins most looks...I mean if I dont find anything nice this year I won't go cold but i'd love a nice coat.
My husband just bought himself his second Moncler jacket (the first was only a year ago and is still perfectly fine, I guess he just wants more choice). I'm a little jealous at the ease but I'm committed to my beliefs.

I've seen a nice vegan leather jacket from Nanushka but its not exactly going to keep me warm I don't think. I suppose nowadays though i'd only be outside for around 30 mins at a time but the temps can get pretty low -2 to -5 degrees C.

I'd really love a luxury brand one but its almost impossible to find anything without animal products.

I prefer more fitted coats, at the waist at least otherwise it just makes my whole body look massive. Puffer isn't my favourite but if it is belted it would be okay. Also my arms are really long so needs to hit the right place on the models otherwise it would be too short for me.

I sometimes feel i'll never find anything.

If you wouldn't mind keeping your eyes peeled when you are browsing any webstores, I would be eternally grateful!