So .... sad news that I have to give up my La Canadienne Saras (see Style Exchange). And that also means that I need a new pair of fashion-friendly boots that are also at least somewhat winter-friendly. Enter the moto.

So, funny story. A couple of years ago, my husband and I were waiting in line for a movie, and I stalked a woman until I got up the courage to ask her about her FAB boots. They looked just about perfect to me in every way. And of course, they were Jimmy Choos. Those motos have become the gold standard for me.

What I am now looking for is a pair like them, but much much less expensive.

A mix of tough and refined
Mid-calf height
Straight shaft -- not droopy or flared out
Minimal accoutrements, but some buckles/bling is okay
Probably black, but could go with another dark color
Must have lug sole to get through sleet and snow and muck
Not Docs or Fryes

Note that I am NOT looking for snow boots -- just something stylish that I can wear when conditions are not ideal, that can accommodate my need for toe room, and with which I can wear a warm sock.

I've found these below. Any thoughts? (The Jimmy Choos, for comparison, are first in line.)