Hey there, I was showing my sister my summer capsule wardrobe and she pointed out that my navy shirt-dress, well, looks like crap. It was an online buy I think last summer or the summer before, and when it arrived it wasn't quite right - the fabric a bit too stiff, the collar a bit too closed, the belt a bit too high on the waist ... but I kept it because I was replacing a loved-until-worn-out similar dress and was determined to make it work.

Well it didn't, and leave it to sisters to tell you the truth!

So - any thoughts as to a replacement? I have not seen any shirt-dresses that I have loved. I am trying not to buy too many cheap-and-cheerful pieces, but I did see a heathered navy maxi skirt at Joe Fresh that I thought might mix nicely in with my ink tops and tanks, per Angie's motg formula. It might be more versatile that a dress given its mix-and-matchability and my limited number of wardrobe pieces? Another option might be a striped knee-length skirt.

What do you think? Thanks