So I've been doing a little vacation shopping, and I am trying to keep summer purchasing to a minimum. Now that independence day is past, we are in true summer -- which in Maine is the shortest season of all. It doesn't make sense for me to have a lot of really hot weather clothing. Even if I go to the beach here, it is very breezy and not tropical. And although we will be in Tulum, Mexico -- where it will be VERY hot -- for 6 days in August, I don't want to buy/take more than I need to.

I am taking two swimsuits (see below). And here is my question for you: I recently purchased both of these coverups (sleeveless navy, sleeved striped). Both are extremely lightweight, and short but long enough to wear over my suit with sandals to wear to a casual lunch at a taco shack or similar. They were on sale, but -- again, I don't want to overpack or overbuy.

Do I need two coverups? And if not, which one should I keep? I like both, they fit well. I'm open to suggestions. (And I really don't want to try any others -- so please just tell me your thoughts as they relate to these choices.) Thank you!!!