Hi everyone! I am planning to go to Spain in November. Specifically, Madrid, Seville, and Granada (side trip to Cordoba). Based on last years, temps can range from 50 F to 80 F in the three locations. I need help choosing what shoes to pack.

I have been dealing with a slowly healing back injury. I hope to be mostly better by then, but lately I've needed a lot of arch support when walking outside - I've been using Vionics and the bronze Noats shown below which, have been the most comfortable outside. Even if my back is better, I have flat feet and need arch support anyway.

My question pertains to a 3rd or 4th pair of shoes to pack. I will definitely bring the hiking boots and the Ecco metallic sneaker shown below. The former look almost like hi-tops and will likely be worn most days.  The latter can probably be worn out in the evening with dresses or skirts, or nice jeans, but I do think I'll need a dressier option in case we go anywhere fancy. I can also use these during the day. They are versatile and comfy.

That said, I'm a bit stumped on a dressier option because all three cities have different climates. The bronze Noats would be perfect, if not for the fact that Madrid, where I'm likely to dress up a bit, should be the coldest destination of the three in the evenings (Could be as cold as low 50's).

I’m trying to figure out if any of the shoes I have for the bill well enough. If not, then I either need to buy something, or suck it up and bring an extra pair. The dilemma is that my most comfy existing shoes are either for winter, are casual (my other shoe choices cover my casual needs), or are sandals. Sandals won’t really do in Madrid at night, if I want to go out anywhere dressy. Of what I have here below, I think the two Rockports or the Naturalizers meet my needs best. Here are my needs (tried to clarify what I posted before):

- arch support - they don’t need to be all day shoes, but my feet will be tired
- flat or else a low heel or wedge
- moderately dressy
- can work in temps that may range from 50-80 F. This probably means close toed?
-Can work with a dress or skirt

Options for 3rd/4th shoe that I already own include:

Naturalizer white huaraches (same problem as the Naots but easier to pack in case I decide I need a 4th shoe; not tons of arch support but may be okay for evenings)
Lucky Brand greybooties (perforated - so may be more breathable than other booties in case it's hot; not so dressy though and so would fill kind of the same role as the Eccos in a somewhat dressy outfit)
Naturalizer loafers (can add more arch support with an insert)
Rockport Mary Janes (nice for mild weather, anyway, and can be worn with or without tights, as needed)
Botkier flats (not really enough support unless I add an insert, not sure I love how they look with dress/skirt; I also have Edelman Felicia flats in a rounder shape and a metallic deep blue that may be better but also need arch support, no find)
Birks in silver, which I use in the summer to dress things up a smidge but remain comfy (still won't do for Madrid most likely for the same reasons as the other open toe shoes)
ETA - I forgot one of my most eligible shoes, the bronze Rockports. They are open toed but probably okay down to about 60 F since they cover a lot of the foot. They are comfortable enough for the purpose.

I am also willing to take suggestions for cute, supportive shoes that are somewhat dressy, can be paired with a dress/skirt, and would work in both mild and warm weather. Since my shoe needs are in the process of changing, I'm going to have to keep adding supportive pairs anyway, or else put inserts in most pairs I currently own. (Such as the flats below.)