Not long ago, I picked up this Zara quilted knapsack on sale.(in Finds) It's not leather. I wanted an inexpensive try out for this style and one that was available to me.

Well, I LOVE it. Or rather, I love it for its incredible usefulness for my life. Instant workhorse. And I love the idea of it. I do not love the stuff it's made of.

So, for a belated Christmas gift to myself, I am thinking of picking up the Danier version instead. I will give the Zara to my vegan step-daughter, who will completely adore it. Win win.

My question is: which colour should I get? It comes in black, a sort of luggage colour (lighter than cognac, I think), and off-white with black trim.

The coats I will be using this with include my grey puffer, my grey and black mixed media Danier coat, my navy and black pea coat, and (maybe) the Eddie Bauer white puffer, if I keep it. (I have ordered but have not been able to pick it up yet to see if it works).

I also have a red wool coat, but I'm unlikely to carry the knapsack with it since the coat feels too dressy for that.

Also, do you think the square shape of the Danier will be okay?