I am a plus sized slightly curvy (by conventional definition. All of my main body mesurments are within 5 inches of each other.) Flamboyant Natural who carries her weight through the center of her body.$0 of my 65 inches are from my hip down.From my shoulder to the top of my hip is 11 inches.

I find many waisted items have the waist hit me mid hip. Many maternity styles fit me well and hit me at underbust.Tunic lengths are often long enough to not be dress coded.Long crop tops hit me at mid hip and short ones hit at my belly button.

I'm looking for mid-rise jeans for me (so low rise about 7.5ish inches to hit at my belly button.) as labeled mid rises hit at the top of my belly button to a couple of inches above it.Actual high rises hit about my under bust or over.
i'm mainly looking for bottoms.