I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with leads on warm slim leg black trousers for winter. I think kkards mentioned Brooks Brothers, a brand I gave up on long ago for its too-masculine looks. But times have changed! Turns out they have a wool blend pant that looks most promising:

I bought in two sizes, a 4 and a 6, for a comparison. Here's a question for you veterans in the fashion industry: Do clothing measurements indicate the body measurement that fits the garment, or is that the width of the garment? If the latter, the 4 might be a hair snug. Anyway, crossing my fingers that one of them works. Thanks, fabbers, for helping me with your expertise!

Hi fabbers,

I need your help!

I have finally figured out what kind of pants I need for work this winter in the Northeastern U.S. that fit, flatter, and coordinate with my wardrobe...only to discover I can't find them anywhere. Anyone else have that problem (she says with a wink)?

My ideal bottoms are full-length TROUSERS that hit at the waist (for new, shorter tops that don't require camis underneath), have a side zip for a smooth line, contain some wool or heavier fabric/blend, ARE LINED, have a slim leg and TAPERED ANKLE so that I can wear comfortable flats, boots, or booties and keep my feet dry. *I already have plenty of boot cuts that i prefer to wear with heels, and straight legs don't flatter, as the wider ankle destroys the slim point I am after. Straight legs are the WORST look; my boot cuts are hemmed for heels, which I'm trying to get out of.

In a list, including where I am willing to compromise, are my requirements:
-full-length trouser pants (ankle length may do bc my legs are short)
-preferably lined--although heavier fabrics for winter (including the ubiquitous pontes) may suffice
-at-waist rise, although mid-rise considered
-side-or-back-zip or pull-on preferred for clean line, although button fly and belt loops considered
-slim leg, tapered ankle (no negotiation here)
-NOT leggings, jeggings, skin-tight ponte pants or NYDJ versions (although fit manipultaions possible here--sigh)
-black a must; dark brown needed; dark green and burgundy considered
-<$300 (I'm willing to pay for something I like--I just don't want to take out a loan, ha ha)
-No Nordies, please; too many bad experiences. Almost any other department store or brand considered: Dillards, Macy's, Lord&Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Talbots, Hobbs, Boden, BR/Gap, etc.

THANK YOU for your help; I don't want to go another winter without these!