I'm wearing this dress from Anthro (attached in Finds) to my company holiday party this year. It requires exactly 3" heels (plus or minus a quarter inch) to be the right length. But I don't own any appropriate neutral, dressy heels, and I have unusually sized + fussy feet.

I could possibly hem an inch off the bottom to make them work with my existing 2" dress shoes, but I'd rather first search for shoes since I'm lacking a delicate dress heel in any case. I wear a women's size 5-5.5 medium, and I have narrow heels which tend to slip out of pumps (need to be a strict size 5 and then my toes tend to get squeezed). Also, comfort is key! I expect to be standing on hard floors for the majority of the party, although not dancing much.

To summarize, I'm looking for dressy shoes that fulfill the following criteria:

1) Neutral enough to pair with a busy patterned dress
2) Has straps to hold it onto the foot
3) 3" heel (preferably no higher, but no lower than 2.75")

Leaving price point open for now, although I'm more comfortable with <$200. Please help! I attached a Find of one pair that I'm considering, but I'm not really in love with the dark snake print.