So, last week my husband and I received an invitation to his former coworker's wedding. Exciting! We're definitely going, and I'm looking forward to it because I LOVE weddings, although I don't know the couple, myself. I'm hubby's plus one.

This is their wedding website:

My assessment, based on the tone of the site and the overall look of their venue (looks like outdoor afternoon ceremony and indoor evening reception), is semi-formal attire, something comfortable but polished. One of the things still on my springtime shopping list has been a versatile dress, and I'd love to find one that'd be perfect for attending this wedding but could also be used for other occasions. Ideally, a dress that can go semi-formal or smart casual.

So then I thought about kinds of dresses that make me feel best, and my favorite type of dress is a fit and flare midi dress, preferably with short sleeves but since that's almost impossible to find, I can deal with sleeveless. I want a lower neckline but not so low that it shows cleavage. I have the perfect dress... in black, which I've read is usually unsuitable for weddings, and since I don't know the bride, I want to play this one safe. (I did wear that dress to a friend's wedding, but she had explicitly told me that it was fine to wear black.) I'm trying to think of possible colors, and I think I'd like a cheerful blue or maybe blush. I also love red, but again, some people find it inappropriate.

Add the fact that I'm plus size (16 usually, sometimes I need to size up for my bust and shoulders) and a low ish budget (I'm thinking $100 max and the lower I can go the better since I have other things to buy that will be worn more often) and this becomes a daunting task.

Any suggestions on where to look? Or better yet, actual dresses you may have seen that might work for me? Any help is welcome and appreciated!