Friends, I finally found a top that looks perfect for the holidays - simple enough to suit my style, but smart enough to look a bit special. Now - which colour should I choose? (budget says only one is going to be purchased, sadly!). I've been wearing a good bit of saturated color lately, so neutrals and softer tones are calling to me. What do you think?

  • vintage wine - a colour I know is good on me
  • pale pink - a nearly neutral with good flattery for my skin tone,  but maybe a bit out of place for the holidays?
  • vintage taupe - likely to be the least flattering from a skin flattery perspective; still a true cool taupe (which I think this might be) is a HEWI for us cool-toned gals, and as a true neutral, I wonder if it might have the most versatility and longevity. I've been craving a new mid-depth neutral and wonder if this might be a good one?
Heading to the mall in about an hour to check them out - love to hear your advice; thanks!!