Viva, you always look beautiful and especially so at your daughters wedding. This time of year I think we are all over the weather, for me, the novelty of winter has worn off.
I hope your treatment is successful, breast cancer is scary, and unfortunately so common.
Have a wonderful holiday, you really deserve to spoil yourself.

Viv, I am so very sorry about your health issues. There's never a good time to face that but in the midst of wedding prep for your daughter it must have been particularly stressful and emotional. I'm so glad that treatment is finished for now and I wish for you a full recovery. A trip to Montreal seems just the ticket.

You look absolutely stunning in those photos, happy and glam, and your daughter's dress is so romantic and elegant.

Some suggestions for shopping and food while there.

Laurier Ave in Outrement. You'll find a La Canadienne flagship boutique there as well as the more reasonably priced Sandwich, which LaPed already mentioned. This is for high end boutiques. You can find others down on Sherbrooke Ave.

The Old City -- for a few unusual boutiques with local stuff as well as some designer shops, for jewellery, scarves, etc. There are also some vintage stores in the area.

Boulevard St. Laurent has some really interesting and funky spots. M0851 for leather.

For a different department store to what you know, check out Simon's.

Shopping will be end-of-summer stuff --- August is hot there -- so there won't be much fall stuff available yet -- but you might get a deal or two. Your dollar will go far and there is no tax on clothing, so even if it is something for next summer, you could consider.

I recommend a visit to the Musée des Beaux Arts. There is usually something interesting there and the restaurant is lovely for a lunch.

We've had some terrific meals at Damas.

Classic Montreal is L'Express. The food ranges from sensational to just okay but it's usually solid, and it really makes you feel you're in Quebec.

Most restaurants in the Old City are overpriced and not very good but there are a few exceptions. Here's a list of some good options (city wide):

Some specific suggestions:

Have a wonderful trip -- enjoy!

Your absence on the forum hasn't gone unnoticed by me. I'm really so sorry to learn about your health issues. I just can't imagine what you've been through especially during the wedding prep. Sending some healing energy, and a big hug, your way as you get back to yourself and go forward.

Your daughter's wedding looks like it was a lovely event and you look just beautiful! Congratulations to the bride and groom! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

I have no Montreal shopping suggestions to offer and no insight into fall trends other than what was at NAS. The most obvious fall trend to me was plaid. You have a naturally great style and I am looking forward to seeing any gems you find. Enjoy your trip!

Yes, I see you in menswear glen plaid and caramel!

Wow! The pics from the wedding are fabulous, and I am happy to see you on the forum and read you post. Vey sorry to learn the reason for your absence and learn of the trial you have been through. Sue has provided great info for your Montreal trip and I'm hoping Stylefan might pop in to comment, because she spends time in Montreal.

I'm glad of the advice from Angie because I'm looking to add something trendy to my own closet this fall, but haven't quite got a fix on what that might be.

A beautiful piece of one of a kind craftwork - jewelery, scarf, bag - might be the way to go for a memento of your trip that transcends fads and changes in size.

Vivian, I’m sorry to hear about your recent health woes but glad to hear that you are on the mend. You look gorgeous in the photo from the wedding - love the red shoes! And congrats to you and your daughter!

No suggestions for Montreal - just wanted to say hi and that I’m thinking of you. <3

Thanks Diana - those red shoes were really a hit, I have to say. Many women commented on them. And I loved knowing that they were $25 from Target!!!! And comfortable even after 8 hours of wear, and loads of dancing.

I'm glad to hear you're doing better, but so sorry that you had to go through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your daughter looks lovely and her dress is beautiful. I noticed your red shoes right away and think that was a brilliant pairing. I need to remember to do something similar with my red sandals.

Oh, Viv, you and your daughter look entirely wonderful! I'm glad you've weathered your treatment. Sending hugs and good energy.

No shopping advice, but wishing you full recovery. Hope you still managed to enjoy your daughter’s wedding.

Sending you lots of (((hugs))). That's a lot on your plate

I love your daughter’s wedding dress. And your MOB dress was absolute perfection. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis and ensuing trials of treatment. You’re clearly a tough cookie and have incredible energy...

...and lol re being unconvinced re summer dressing! I feel you should get something with interest. Like, not a plain navy cashmere jumper...

I'm really sorry to hear about your health challenges Viva. I had noted your absence and was hoping all was okay. I must say, despite what stress etc you must have been going through, you looked amazing at that wedding!

Hoping StyleFan will chime in, she spends a lot of time in Montreal.

On top of what Suz said, St. Catherine's St is the big shopping street. You'll find COS there, and within a block there is All Saints, and Eileen Fisher. These are the three stores I beelined to in the limited time I had there!

If you want to window shop, check out Holt Renfrew. Very high end.

Great to see you posting again!

Feel better Viv , you look stunning in the pic. Rest up now and rebuild your energy, sending a hug your way.

PS I'm heading to Camden Maine this weekend for week, I'll wave to you

Waving back at you, Gail. I absolutely love Camden. Have fun!

I am so sorry to hear about your breast cancer diagnosis. Prayers and healing thoughts are with you.

Wishing you nothing but health & happiness, well, and great fall goodies too.

Oh, I am so glad to see you back on the forum. My heart goes out to you regarding your health challenges, and I hope you will be on the mend. You and your daughter are both absolutely beautiful, and she and her groom make a beautiful couple. Congratulations to her! It must have been a VERY emotional last few months for you.

I am so sorry to hear about your health challenges Viv. You look wonderful at your daughter's wedding. Lovely dress. So classic and very you. Your daughter looks beautiful and the venue is wonderful.

Montreal is a wonderful city. We love it. Suz and LaPed have given you some great ideas for shopping. I find that even the chains have different merchandise than Toronto or other major centres. Sandwich is a great boutique in Outremount and there are some other interesting ones. I like Sarah Pacini but I don't think that is your style.
Holt Renfrew has some beautiful clothes. I love to look for inspiration (mostly). I also like The Bay on Ste. Catharines. I find it different than The Bay anywhere else.
I wander up and down Saint Laurent and look in the boutiques. I have found all kinds of things. Mount Royal is also interesting. You need lots of time to look.

Enjoy your time in Montreal. It is a gorgeous city.