I few months ago a reader of YLF left a comment about shortening the heels of her shoes. The moment I read that comment, I saw four shoe boxes that were gathering dust in my closet. In them resided shoes which I have taken out of circulation because the heel was too high, and they were no longer practical for me to wear. So naturally, I got very excited about the prospect of being able to wear these shoes again. Heel shortening was the perfect solution, except that I didn't have a cobbler who could do that for me.

The first order of business was to find the cobbler. I turned to my local Yellow Pages and I found a few shops which did shoe repair in the area. I wanted the cobbler to be on the premises because so many of those dry cleaning places send out the shoes to a mystical place where they get repaired. Who does the repairs, I do not know. Anyway, I came across a shop where the cobbler was on the premises, and he would speak to each of his clients about what needed to be done even though the dry-cleaning ladies could take care of all the customers. I asked about heel shortening, and he said that I should not expect miracles, but that he could take off at most 1/2", but more realistically it would be 3/8". He explained that anything more would make the shoe unwearable. After I brought my shoes in, he knew the brands and he was very enthusiastic about fixing them. That gave me a good feeling that my "babies" were in great hands. He charged me $12 per pair, which was so worth it.

When I tried my shortened shoes, they were still high-heeled, but I could actually walk in them comfortably, and the slightely shorter heel made them that much more wearable for work.

The shortened shoes (they are still around 4", but trust me, they feel a lot better):

I fixed three pairs, and the fourth pair is going in this week. These sandals have such a comfortable shank, that heel shortening will definitely make a difference.


I recommend heel shortening if you can find a good cobbler to do it. You will wear those shoes more because you won't have to worry about your feet hurting.