Ladies, I think I'm reluctantly starting to eschew higher heels for everyday shoes. This makes me just a little sad because I do like how they look, but I just enjoy the comfort and easier walking with lower heels. I like to be able to walk a couple of miles or more without needing to change shoes first. My feet are not terribly fussy, quite the contrary, but I just feel like my tolerance for heels is getting lower. I have also been getting occasional little random cramps or pinches in my feet and toes. Nothing bad, just enough to make me pay more attention to the comfort of any shoes I consider buying. I'm getting more choosy.

Today I'm wearing my black Fossil booties. I like them a lot, but the heels are 3.5" or so, and that would definitely limit any impromptu long walks. I'm starting to look at my "wall of shoes" in my closet in a new way. I don't want to have dozens of shoes I can only tolerate wearing for a mostly-sitting day -- that's just not compatible with my lifestyle! I would definitely not get rid of all of my higher heels, but their wear would be more limited -- evenings out, days when I definitely won't be walking several miles, etc.

The good thing is that now seems to be a time when more stylish shoes are available in a variety of heel heights and styles. I think if I stick with heights under 3" I'm way better off. 2" is generally my sweet spot. And maybe I'm getting old or something, but lower heels are actually looking a bit "cooler" to me lately -- maybe they're looking more current after all those years of monster platforms and the like?

I know some of you here have had to give up higher heels for a number of reasons. How are you feeling about heel heights these days? Are you moving away from higher heels?