Thank you I was curious about the colours in the pants and cashmere sweater you are wearing with the pink coat . They look the same on my screen but I gather they aren’t . Just interested in the colour pairing . I am SO tired of all the black I have to wear and am craving a good shot of colour . A hot pink coat might be the ticket .

Spectacular! Love it all!

I’m pleased with the Gap this season as well - so far I’m keeping linen joggers in natural, and black pleated culottes with a side zipper in a really nice cotton/linen blend.

Gorgeous - you look like royalty and Sam is definitely a prince! Thank you for modeling the other pieces too - they did not look quite you, but it does help show how perfect the things you do choose are for you. PPP in action!

Joyce B, YES. That happens from time to time with HIGH rises because of my sway back.

Delurked, YES. Wearing nude knee-highs. I hate to feel cold.

Synne and Column

Lisa P, jeans are tomato red, pullover watermelon, and coat shocking pink. Different yet tonal. Bright - yet low contrast, which calms the eye.

Jules, the Gap is always worth a look.

Stevia, you’re so gracious. Thank you.

I wasn't ready for wide leg crops last autumn, but I am seriously thinking about a pair for summer. I have a light grey linen pair that are quite dressy. Maybe chambray or white? What do you think, Angie? And which shoes would I wear, other than summer slides and my cream Cons? (ALSO, lurve those pictures of super adorable Sam!!!)

ETA: I'm thinking white because I have chambray espadrilles that I could wear. Hmmmm. I might have already ordered.

You certainly are Queen of the Brights, Angie!!! Your outfit in nr 4 and 12 are killer in a way nobody can do it better! At least I can't do them so hectic but just LOVE LOVE LOVE these on you! I'm afraid if 'll have the chance of meeting you IRL in these outfits I just couldn't stop looking at you it's just so visually pleasing! Sam is adorable & I see, a good boy! Please keep on posting us selfies with your outfits---they are perfect!! And there is so much more to learn looking at an expert's RL style! Thank you so much!!

I'm late but have to say you look amazing in red. I'm not a huge fan of red because it doesn't work well on me but you make me wish it did. I love those joggers but always struggle with what shoes to wear with them. Sneakers look so "sweat pants" and booties emphasize the baggy legs without the trim ankle.

Colour queen of the universe!! I love the joggers and wide chinos.

No time to read all comments. But this weekend I wore the black wide legged chino from GAP. I felt so fashionable. Loved it. With a coral sweater. Merino. Also from GAP.
You look great by the way.

K. Period, I like the idea of white wide crops for the reasons you mention. SO super cute on you. Fun with your new WHBM navy moto.

Lyn67 and Helena, thank you for your gracious comments.

Robin F, I guess we tend to like the colours we look good in. Sneakers will are fab with the joggers because they are WOVEN.

Adriana, NICE. Your outfit sounds fab,

I LOVE the wide leg crops, and your shopping outfit is divine, as is your four legged shopping companion! (I'll bet he gives the best outfit critiques.) I did not know you could bring a dog into Gap Stores. I've seen dogs in Barnes and Noble, but never Gap.