Joy, you enjoy wearing bright from head to toe with me. HIGH FIVE.

Delurked, ordering two sizes is a good idea.

Christina, YES. Gap sizes are all over the place. These items fit TTS.

Anna, I hope they work. Let me know.

Janet, Gap sizing is inconsistent at best. Both these items run TTS. Do you mean the pockets on the wide crops? They come from the waistband. The joggers have side entry pockets. And yes - my little shopping mate is the best

Suntiger, YAY. With fur baby.

Merwoman, thank you, and YES. I'd have shortened them about 3 inches. I don't like wide crops too long.

Fur baby is a grown boy now...a rebellious teenager

Firstly, shopping with Sam. How wonderful is that. Jealous.

And you look sensational in pic 4!

I love you in the pink and orange, so much happy energy! Meanwhile, I am very interested in the joggers and may have to give them a try.

Brooklyn, Sam is very well behaved, and quite into shopping. Very chill. We got so lucky with our precious boy. Thanks for the kind compliment.

Gingko, give the joggers a go. Happy energy, FTW.

Thanks for your response Angie! Hem length is so tricky for me!

Queen Pedantic About Pant Lengths takes her reign very seriously....

Angies, I still don't understand your use of the word "hectic". Does it mean strong and commanding attention?

FashIntern, I use the word hectic to describe something that is extreme. Rain can be hectic. Spicy food can be hectic. Snow can be hectic. My sweet tooth is hectic. In this case, the mix of bold colours are extreme - so hectic. Hope that makes sense.

Did Sam feel that the shopping trip had gone on too long?(#10)Gorgeous colours on you,l approve!

Cardiff Girl, actually Sam could have carried on shopping! He was very relaxed - so much so that he snoozed.

Doesn't Anna have an eye for things? Love this visually happy post on a rainy grey day...

Thanks. Sounds like I was on the right track, although I didn't realize your usage of it that way goes beyond fashion.

They don't allow dogs in shops in Australia, as I am sure my Westies would adore going on shopping trips. I love how Sam is so cute having a rest in the change room. Your new purchases and bright colours are gorgeous.

I forgot to tell you how much I love that polo on you — perfect colors and style for you!

Well !

1. LOVE the red/pink combo and want the entire look right now.
2. you can bring dogs into stores? you sure can't do it here ! (service dogs only)
3. the tencel joggers are great, and I'll have to take a peek at them I'm in the GAP. The wide leg chinos look great on you, but I think I'd look like the side of a barn in them. Envious - they are so cute.
4. are the colours of the sweater and pants in the red/pink combo the same ? And now I think I want that red bag. UGH! Have you found a nice red sweater in a summer weight knit to replace the cashmere once Spring /Summer hits?

Who knew red , pink , orange and white could look so FABULOUS.....only Angie , AND pulling it off with such dramatic sophistication. I’m literally in awe.! You are stunningly beautiful!
I’m so jealous of Anna and your shopping excursion.
And then there is “Sam the Magnificent ”! KILLER!
What a fun day !

You look amazing!! I KNEW that red and hot pink would look fantastic together with your hair and pearls and white booties! So much fun and so much spring.

Gosh, you are pretty. And Sam is a trouper!

LOVE the new top, too.

Thanks for sharing the Finds. I'm off the forum for a few weeks due to work/family obligations but will read more carefully when I am able.

Wow you look gorgeous in your brights. And all those fab finds are nice too. I have a pair of olive tencel woven joggers, and I can attest they’re very useful! Not to mention comfortable.

You look absolutely stunning! Really lovely to see such gorgeous colours together. Sam is such a good shopper! The red jeans look super, I am going to take a look at them, as does the red Boden bag.

Ooh Angie, I love how you do hectic! Tomato, pink, watermelon with pearls and white booties = total joy. I can see why these are happiness factors for you. Oh and Sam! Such a sweet boy. He is part of your signature style and quite a stylish pup on his own!

I love that S&S sweater! I would wear that in a second, but probably not the head to toe red you do so well. Great pictures as always.

OMG....Major 90s flashback! and you wear it so well! LOVE...

(and of course Sam looks fab as well...)

Gorgeous brights on you! And Sam is the cutest shopping mascot ever. I bet he got some treats for being such a patient shopper!

I'm going to try those joggers, pronto. They seem like the perfect casual wear for our cool springs and early summer. Plus, I have a soft spot for Tencel. I love the way it feels!

Oh, ladies. You’re all sooo nice. Thank you.

FYI: Seattle and Salt Lake City are VERY dog friendly. Dogs are welcome in CITY shops, but not in suburban malls. We live in the city and I seldom shop in suburban malls. Good thing! And it helps that Sam is extremely well behaved.

Carla, Bijou, Smittie, Janet, Viva, Jussie, thanks for the kind words.

Taylor, you are as gracious as ever. Thank you for always being positive and kind. I’m blushing.

Suz, thanks for popping in and being thoughtful and engaged. Hope work and home life are going okay. Good luck. Miss you around here.

Kkards, early ‘90s flashbacks make me happy

Mainelady, you are a sweetheart. You bubble with good energy.

Laura, Sam says thank you, and try the joggers!

Jane, thanks for the sweet words. YES, try the Boden jeans. I had mine altered to create a perfect fit.

Lisa P, thanks for kind compliments. You’d look great in the right wide crops! I was trying on the polo with the red jeans I was wearing. Not the same colour. Polo knit is bubblegum pink. I have a great tomato red cotton Spring sweater from COS that I wear on warmer days. I LOVE COS knits. See Find.

Those are all really nice on you and the happy colors are a major bonus. Enjoy them!
Interesting to see how the off white wide crops look nice from the front view but are very big on your waist.

Angie - are you wearing knee high hose or barefoot? Curious...

You do color so well Angie! I'm a bit jealous, and mighty impressed and inspired!