Ok, I’ve been a Heattech addict forever. Pretty much from October to April i wear one everyday, and even on cool summer days I’ve been known to throw one one. Anyway, this year I waited to long to order new navy tops, (and or they are not carrying them in navy anymore). And then a couple of weeks ago Alyson Walsh from That’s Not My Age did a post on Uniqlo and in the comments someone mentioned Heatgen from Marks and Spencer. I popped into their site, and ordered navy in the plus and cream in the regular. Yesterday I wore the navy, and wow it’s warm! Warmed than the extra warm Heattech, but it’s not quite as invisible because the scoop neck is a little higher and the sleeve are a little longer, but I’m ok with that. And it’s nice to have another option. I’m going to try the cream to day.

(Just realized that the finds are both the plus, but I got the cream in the