Hello all,
My feet are 9.5ww for sandals, and 10w(w) for closed shoes. I have lymphedema swelling also (currently being treated but can't be reduced further in the ankles).
I am looking for shoes to go with these example outfits that don't look like 1) they should be worn with a bathrobe 2) belong on the hiking trail 3) don't look dowdy, old or matronly 4) have heels that are stylish, but low - not deadly weapons.
I live in a hot climate and have some cute shorts outfits, casual shoes and sandals. But can't find anything stylish for dressy. It's too hot for boots and sometimes even long pants. Esp. with hot flashes.

Also, anything that has straps across the top of the foot (toe is ok though) no matter how cute, won't work, because the swelling is too severe. So often the straps don't fit, and anything that constricts makes the swelling worse. Everything I wear looks like a stuffed sausage.

I did find some cute shoes at Torrid, but still need versatile dress shoes that work. Ordered some black pumps last week but they don't fit quite right so I'm working on that.
The blue sandals have a strap that won't fit.

***I would NEVER wear those black flats with that skirt - just took the picture to show you how bad my feet look in shoes and how bad my skirts look with flats. Same with the blue shoe. ***

Also, these outfits are just examples - just to show you the particular skirts, pants etc. If you think anything is hideous and should not be worn please feel free to say so. haha I won't hate you.

Helllllppp Thank you =)

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