I don't mean for this to sound depressing--almost the opposite.

I am having such trouble trying to update/fabulize my workday outfits that I am about to think I should "take a breather". Meaning, I think I am still conflicted about my style there and how to accomodate various requirements for serious comfort and movement, not being able to make use of outfit toppers like blazers, or handbags or really dramatic jewelry and such and so on, and yet I want achieve some kind of personal style idea that is floating in my head. Even some recent purchases of sweaters or tops or footwear have maybe started looking frumpy or twee or wrong or something. I have kind of liked some of my choices, but am not having a real zowie experience.

On the other hand, items I have added to smart casual or dressy casual or dressy outfits or outerwear have (whether justified or not) really made me feel great and have been the biggest changes in expressing personal style for me. Again, I think it's because there's more silhouette options and maybe more leeway in the comfort zone allowance.

It overlaps with the imaginary lifestyle problem if I invest too much in the above--but adding SOME has been really good for me.

I have had some luck with accessories, such as adding necklaces that I might not have worn in the past and trying some different belts. And one or 2 pairs of new footwear give me that fab sense even when worn with a "formula" outfit, though I still wish the overall outfit were better. ( And It does kind of drive me crazy when we say, "that would look fantastic with jeans!" because the right kind of jeans seem to be the universal moderizer/youthfulizer, but cannot go to work with me.)

I believe my lament still falls under category of needing to be PPP, but just to a greater extent. As in, just relax. I have an idea of the perfect vest that can add structure where I can't wear a blazer; the perfect pants that look more modern; the perfect shoes that are modern but super-comfortable; and so on.

So maybe I shouldn't try too hard until I get a better handle on it. The mistakes do bother me because they make me feel so unfocused. .As I have noted before, there is no external pressure for me to make any changes in my work wear.

It might be like having a minimalist wardrobe for work and expanded options other times, when this is just the opposite of what I thought I should do, based on % time spent in each area. But it might be % return/value rather than actual % time. The CPW of any given garment might be skewed but the total spent might be the same!

The folks who really do wear a uniform to work and probably do not expect to be expressing much personal style then. That is a bit of a stretch as an analogy, because I obviously can wear lots of different things to work, but there you go.

Can anybody relate to this situation? I hope it can be "the calm before the epiphanies" and not just giving up or giving in.