I've been thinking about wallet sizes. In my wallet I have a typical collection of drivers license, medical insurance cards, auto insurance and AAA, credit cards, plus some membership cards. Plus some cash.

I sometimes want to use a smaller cross body bag, and being able to go to a really small wallet would make that easier, since I also need to carry reading glasses, sunglasses and a few other small items..

A few months ago I bought this MK wallet that is fairly small for this type of wallet, but the cards are really hard to get in and out so it has not been a great success.

I was at dinner a while ago with someone who had a very small wallet just for credit cards (like the size of an RFID wallet) and a small change purse and that created a very small overall wallet profile. I've been thinking about trying to do that.

Have any of you found good choices for very small wallets?