Based on your WIWs, I wouldn't hesitate over the maximalism of the silhouettes or the prints. But the colours don't seem quite as rich to me as your usual choices. They both have a bit of a dusty vibe on my monitor, which makes them feel a bit less luxe/glam than your other florals. They are somewhat lower in contrast and definition than most of the examples from your wardrobe. More of a rustic artisan vibe, less bold graphic. The colour composition on these doesn't sing to me the way pretty much all of your other florals do. They seem to be missing some crucial element of drama...

Thanks for all the thoughts! La Ped, I think what the Kantha Bae pieces currently in stock are missing is BLACK. I'm going to keep an eye on restocks for a pattern that really calls to me.

As for the bathrobe connotations, I'd happily wear an actual robe out in public, so a linen piece cut in a similar style doesn't bother me at all. At the moment, though, it's a moot point, as my size is out of stock.

This has been enlightening, though, and I'll be sure to listen to my intuition when the right piece comes along.

What is wrong with the deep end anyway? I definitely think you should go for it when the right piece calls your name.

Just came back to clarify: my bathrobe reference wasn't actually about your finds per se; it is something I think about when I consider belted dusters, though, and in that regard, the mixed-pattern example was further away from a robe style, to my eye. I like your comment, Jenn, that you would wear an actual robe out; you are right, that it's all about how you wear it!

Ha ha, what's wrong with the deep end, I love it!

I am biased too, I love this look. And I love both of the ones you have pictured here. This whole thread has me thinking I have a linen robe I could be wearing out in public! I used to do that with an old kimono that was loved to pieces, literally. But I haven't done it in ages. Also love it with a striped shirt underneath the print and with jeans. And after all, why not be playful?

Linda Wright posted this on instagram not too long ago :

Oh my gosh, Judy! If I had an extra $1000, I'd probably own a velvet floral robe after seeing that. I love it.

UPDATE: I pulled the trigger on this. Just for fun this summer. If I can't figure out how to style it for the world, it'll be great for the beach or comfy at home.

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Gorgeous piece, it will look fabulous on you!

I agree with Merwoman -- you'll look fantastic in this!

Love the piece you chose. That deep orange/rust looks fabulous on you. It looks comfy and great for the beach.

Very nice! I can see it pairing well with your wardrobe and style!

Oh it is beautiful. It will look great on you.

Nice! I think you'll have fun with that.

I like what you chose. I wasn’t sure about the first item you considered. Something about the pattern seemed too Scandi for your style. But of course your style might be changing. I am also feeling more not less maximal these days when it comes to pattern (but not colour!)

Brooklyn, that's such an interesting observation about the Scandi patterns, because it's for sure a line I flirt with! Generally, if a pattern can be described as "fun" or "playful," it's less likely to feel like me than one that is "rich" or "ornate" or even, for that matter, "subtle."

I'm loving what you chose! Kaftan Fabness!

Can't wait to see how you style it!

Perfect addition to your collection!

There's nothing wrong with the deep end!! The kaftan is gorgeous, and you'll be and knockout in it. Can't wait to see how you style the kaftan!

Ooh fun pick! I think you also need to wear it to brunch in Santa Monica.

These are so “you” and of course, would be perfect with some minimalist black items underneath.

Love it Jenn. I can't wait to see how you style it. I am with you on rich and ornate patterns over fun and playful but I hadn't thought of it that way so thanks for that!

That looks perfect for you. Hope it works.

Ooh -- can't wait to hear how it works -- I think it looks fabulous for you.