It's been awhile since I've worn anything but cozy clothing with camping for three week and now staying in the house except for a daily walk. Have you planned your debut outfit yet?

As someone who is in corporate dress for work and now currently at home for the next several weeks I am reveling in sweatpants and t-shirts with no makeup . I still style my hair because its curly/natural and demands attention so I don't look like a crazy lady (hahaha). As a matter of fact I own 1 pair of said sweatpants that are at least 6 or 7 years old. I have been doing twice daily walks with the doggies and the pants are so bagged out they hardly stay up on brisk walks. Therefore, I just now purchased a fresh pair of joggers from Athleta to replace my beloved ones, also Athleta, that need to "retire". I am sure as the days/weeks go by I will grow weary of such casual gear and "dress" properly again.

Because I don't go to a job daily, I am being strict with myself during this time of virus stress to get dressed daily even though all I am doing is self-isolating, cooking, cleaning, and snuggling with a little dog.

It just feels better to me. I'm doing makeup too -- ordinary routines make me feel less like this whole thing is one endless sick day.

I'm so exhausted that I'm in lounge wear tonight. It's cold, I'm lonely and I'm tired, and I literally have nowhere to go since they shut down our 12 step meetings until further notice. I'm not even going to get my little furbaby from my ex because I work in a high-risk-of-exposure environment (grocery store, essential business so not closed and people are panic shopping); it's not fair to him or the others who live on the property he's on to risk exposing them to whatever cooties I've picked up at work. I'm being a slob and enjoying it. Potato chips count as food, right?

Hugs all! Went to the outside world yesterday- glad to be back to the safety of home!
Debated staying in black, but wore color instead