More birthday twin fabness on YLF today.

Aida and Rachy are both stellar ladies who have a lot in common. They are intelligent, kind, supportive, witty, wise and very eloquent. I love their awfully polite manners, their high level of engagement on this forum, and the incredible warmth and hospitality that they radiate onto this community. They are also both good listeners - which is a rare trait these days.

Rachy, you are a scream. We laugh even more because of what you write on this forum - and that’s a gift. The shortest distance between two people is laughter, so that makes you close to us all. Your ability to laugh at yourself over and over again is just as stylish and humbling. Love that. It does not show that you lack confidence at all. In fact - just the opposite. You are charming deluxe - and don’t ever change. I appreciate your sensitivity and empathy too. You are a sport who is not afraid to rise to the occasion. Your style is a unique delight. We love seeing your quirky combinations and reading the poetic musings that went behind each sartorial decision. And I really love that you love your doggie so much. Many hugs to you and Lilipup. YOU ROCK.

Aida, I adore you. We all love your killer style but it’s your heart, head & soul that I like most of all. You are soooooooo generous with your words and time when you comment on my blog posts and ALL forum posts. You make everyone feel special and important. That’s your gift. Your sentiments and thoughts are wrapped in incredible analytical detail, a genuine loving spirit, busloads of creativity, wisdom, positive energy and tact. You are gracious deluxe and just as charming. Always problem solving, being thoughtful, helpful and supportive. I've had the pleasure of meeting you many times and always look forward to spending time with you. Your man and your kitties are lucky to have you in their lives. YOU ROCK TOO.

Last, you have both on several occasions shared your appreciation for YLF, and extended your support to me and Greg. It does not go unnoticed, so thank you so much for that. Feel extra special and celebrated on your birthdays. Have a beautiful weekend and do tell us what you wore and how much cake you ate.