I have a number of fabulous “wardrobe pets” as Angie calls them, but somehow my summer handbag game never feels as on point as my winter style does.

I feel an urge to lighten up the palette in my summer bags to complement my lighter shoe choices, but it seems like I can never find quite what I’m looking for. Case in point, I would love a casual bag in a subtle (not bright-shiny) rose gold but can’t find one I like. I ordered a tote that looked promising on the Nordstrom site, but it turns out it’s ENORMOUS. Not an everyday bag for me, more like a big travel tote, so back it goes.

I have a light grey backpack style bag from a few years ago but don’t love it — it has a drawstring close which is a little awkward, and it gets a little grimy (one of the problems with light colors, sigh). It’s also a little too unstructured for my taste. I have been using my silver Milly tote a lot, and it’s great, but I don’t always want silver or a large tote. I have a number of small clutches, but I’m not using those as much lately either. I still like them but don’t reach for them for daily wear.

I’m so picky when it comes to bags these days — I want something modern with a little structure but not too much, not much detailing, a good moderate size, and a shoulder strap.

Do you feel a need to lighten up your palette for summer handbags?

Any suggestions?