The handbags have been pouring into the Stayfit house. Yesterday UPS left a large stack of boxes and my DS was entertained by stacking them on my dining room table until they were touching the light fixture. He's definitely a little boy at heart and misses his lego's!

I truly love the LK Bennett bag. It is beautiful and makes my heart sing. I see they have some additional colors. This bag is a perfect size for me, and I love it's structure and shape. Angie has great taste, and I thank the person who suggested it - sorry I can't remember right now.

The Elizabeth and James bag is also beautiful, but the red is darker than I like, so I'm returning it. I may continue to hunt for a drawstring bucket bag. The same is true of the red Longchamps La Pliage, it's too dark, so I'm returning.

That leaves me with the White back pack, which is so wonderful in person! It has three zip pockets in addition to the zip pouch. I love it's shape. Perfect size, and convenient carrying handles all over the place. I also purchased the blue Longchamps La Pliage, which is perfectly in my color palette. It is a darker blue than the D and B bag.

Below are the current bags I have in my color palette, plus a jade green coach hobo I have had for a few years. My collection is growing exponentially!

Are two white bags too many? How about three? I still have the Feragamo on my mind.