I've been hanging out at the mall recently waiting for my DS to finish Drivers Ed class. The schools here no longer teach Drivers Ed as part of the curriculum so we have to sign them up for private lessons - at locations we choose. The class is right by the mall - gasp! -how did that happen - wink wink. Well, turns out this driving thing is costing me a lot of money! In a brief buying "sequester", I sat in a chair in the middle of the mall to "people watch". Turns out everyone - I mean EVERYONE has a nicer handbag than I do! Seriously- there are some frumpy dumpy women in sweat pants carrying a really nice designer handbag. I am so embarrassed by my Nordstrom Rack Tagnanello purse from 3 years ago - or maybe it was 5 years ago - I apparently haven't been paying attention. It was all I could do but try an hide my pitiful purse (oops handbag) in shame. Oh the agony! How did I miss this trend? What have I been doing with my time? What rock have I been hiding under?
How to I rectify this? How do I determine my ideal purse (gack handbag)? How much should I pay? What color? Soooo many variables!