I really like this trench coat. I like it for SO many reasons. It is my signature color. It is my happy color. I like trench coats because they serve a myriad of style goals.

I am not going to buy it though. Here are the questions I posed to myself in my decision making process.

(1)  Can I pay cash? Yes.

(2) Would this purchase be a duplicate of an existing wardrobe item?
Sadly yes. I already own a great trench coat. It is full length and totally weather resistant. It is brown. Not anywhere near my happy color. I wear a big pink cashmere scarf to add some color to the brown. It is a workhorse in that it stands up to cold weather as well as rain. I wear it nearly every work day during our brief winter months.

(3) If I bought this item, would I be ok with the fact that the brown trench coat would likely not be worn at all? I would be ok with this if I was replacing the brown trench coat (not adding in a new wardrobe item that is clearing duplicate).

I can't rationalize buying the Halogen trench coat at this time. The color is seductive, but I am going to have to pass.

What about you? Do you have a hierarchy of questions you ask yourself before making a purchase?