I got this Halogen seamed pencil skirt in the B& W Betty pattern and have only worn once or twice.
This weekend while doing "outfit creation" I though it seemed breezy and lo and behold, it was shredding apart at one of the seams.

I am arranging to send back, of course and no worries about Nordstrom's service. Interestingly they have one in stock, and though offered an exchange, I think I will pass. It is a combination of not wanting to worry about its falling apart, especially if I build capsule around it, but also maybe decided it's not as easy to outfit as I thought. It seems as though it ought to go with lots of solid tops and I intentionally wanted the white and beige bits for summer and for "nude" footwear, but it reads more white bits than it looks in the photo, and that may be one reason I didn't wear as much, and it doesn't go with dark tights and so it's more summer, and summer is over.
So, it seems fickle, but I may be "over" it and would rather work with something else. I was more desperate for a bit of length, this one is sort of just at knee, but now with tights season approaching I can wear skirts that felt a tad too short with nude hose.
Also add to that my zeal for closet editing and ha, "drilling down" (gotta love that New Age bureaucracy phrase) to the fine points of what works.

Over to you--have you had an item melt-down and found you didn't care as much as you though you would?