Wow, such a big and fun change. I loved your old hairstyle and I love this one.

Wow, such a change. And it looks good. Does it change what you wear?

Thanks so much!

Olive Green , I will address your question in a blog post this month

Very beautiful! You have such a beautiful natural hair color and it looks very healthy. The blue looks great with your hair.
My hair grows super fast, so once I decide to stop dying my hair I think I can be done within a couple of haircuts I'm just not sure how curly hair will look in 90% gray.

You look gorgeous as always Angie,l think that the longer length is very flattering and will give you more styling options.l am also jealous that you have such lovely natural colouring,you must be saving a fortune not having highlights!

JP and Cardiff Girl, your gracious words are appreciated

JP, your 90% curly grey hair will look fab!

My first thought on reading your musings about hair color was that maybe you need to slightly pivot the colors you are wearing? It looks like you may already be thinking about that. I think it's lovely and good for sticking to it!

On the topic of growing out hair; I've grown out a very short pixie (I started just before the pandemic). I got it permed when it was an awkward length because that brought up the length without cutting and I like how I look in curls. I had it shoulder length about a year in to the pandemic and have cut it and grown it a few times. I can't make up my mind! But recently I've been getting it cut into a page boy (aka bowl cut!) and quite like it.

On hair color: I also had it totally uncolored at first (I had just cut out the last of the color right as lockdown started, thankfully), then went to low lights/highlights because I felt I looked older with my natural color and salt and pepper hair. Last time I was at the salon I got it colored dark again (my natural shade is fairly dark). I feel like I am constantly changing my hair! I like to play around with it. I think I will get some dimension added back in, but I do like it slightly darker now. The highlights I had were hiding my significant grey without having to keep it colored constantly, though, so I do miss that. It's just started to grow out and show my white hairs and I don't love it. Hopefully adding some lighter bits will help make the growth less harsh.

You are almost there! It seems that the worst phase is over. I have grown out pixie couple of times and it was always such a pain. It took lot of patience not to cut it and second thought if it is worth it on (many) bad hair days. Over the last couple of years I have been tempted to cut my hair into pixie again but only remembering how difficult is to grow it back is preventing me.

Thanks Jenava and anchie! You get the slog! This is the last time I am growing out a pixie to this length of hair so I will make the most of it.

Probably partly why I have had a pixie since I was 34! That’s 27 years! Afraid I have ignored all advice about not getting in a rut with one’s hair… this most recent ( 4 December) too-short pixie garnered compliments at work about looking “sharp” though ( sharp in a complimentary way) and that seems to always happen. May have something to do with Kibbe type?
You always look so pretty Angie no matter what your hair is doing xx

Jenni, fab to get "sharp hair" compliments! You have lovely thick healthy hair that looks good long and very short. Milk it

Thanks for the kind compliments. xo