It looks so great! I like it both straightened and wavy.

Your hair looks beautiful and it is so satisfying to persevere and achieve a goal. I am intrigued at what other goals you have set. Gorgeous to see you with Jo too.

Your hair looks lovely and good job having the patience to grow it out. I thought you looked great in your pixie but this looks beautiful, too. That green sweater is sold out or I'd be tempted to order it.

Your patience has paid off. Your hair looks absolutely amazing. Changing your hair is always a challenge but it can make such a difference. Yours is beautiful.

You are a model of patience and persistence Angie! I have grown out my (relatively fast growing) hair from a pixie and it was still a slog. You and Greg look amazing! Hope you had a wonderful break!

Very pretty and flattering, Angie.

This is so crazee different! Love it Angie! Too much fun. The apple green sweater also rocks Esp with your blue specs!

It looks so good! I like it straight and wavy. And yes, the blue glasses are so nice with your honey blonde. How lucky you are to have such a pretty natural hair color. Hard to believe the growout takes so long! Can I give you some of my hair-growing speed, please? My hair and nails both grow like crazy — it’s a big part of why I don’t keep my hair short, because it grows out so fast.

Cute pics of you and Greg too! Happy new year!

Beautiful natural colour. That sweater brings out your eye colour too! Hair is always an adventure ;). All the best to you in 2023.

Looks great. I love it at this length. Looks like you have a lot of body (lacking in my fine hair.) Looking forward to seeing it at a longer length. I like your natural color too.

You look fab with your longer hair too...straight and wavy! And you and Greg look so cute and happy. Nice jeans too!

It looks pretty! The patience is paying off.

Can’t wait to hear about all the other big changes too, if/when you decide to share!

Gorgeous Angie! Well done on your patience. I love being natural too. Very freeing.

Angie, you look beautiful with the wavy hair! I like your specs and your citron sweater.
Jo has become a blondie like Mama, I see. I remember she was a brunette when she arrived ...

Good thing I stocked up on microphones to drop !

Hang in there Angie! It is nice that your hair has looked great in all the in-between stages. I like your hair wavy as well, it's nice to have options.

Just beautiful Angie!

Congratulations on sticking it out to achieve this goal!

This looks SO GOOD! I admit it's taking me some time to adjust; you've had the light pixie for so long! But the darker color is really lovely, and I agree the light blue glasses really stand out well.

I always loved your pixie but this new style looks great! I grew out a pixie many years ago (maybe 15?) after having it short most of my adult life and it was a big adjustment. Never looked back, change can be good

Happy New Year Angie&All, your hair is looking so great in it's natural state, love it! And I cannot wait to see what are those "quite the big changes" in your life you are planning to do this year-may these all be 100%+ successful and flourishing!

Your hair looks beautiful Angie, you're definitely over the tricky transition stage and I congratulate you on your perseverance.

I also love the richness of the honey blonde colour.


I'm in awe of your awfully kind words and gracious comments. Your compliments are encouraging


Sisi, yes! Little Jo has become a blonde and silver Yorkie. Big brother is a redhead. 

Look how beautifully being patient pays off! High five!

I've been contemplating a word/color of the year and can't wait to hear yours and learn more about the changes you're making. This is an unusual year in that I haven't set goals or aims - just an intention to find joy in the little things right in front of me. 2023 is about simple pleasures.

What a journey! It is looking super fab (and it has looked fab throughout the transition, amazingly). I admire your patience and your stylist's skill! Looking forward to the continued transformation.

Whether straight or wavy, your hair looks fantastic!

Your hair looks so full and healthy, Angie!! Well done for sticking with it!! Growing out a short pixie is a tedious and long process:-((
I love your natural colour too, and agree that your blue specs look especially good with this shade of honey blonde.
Can't wait to see the "end result", but you look amazing now too!

It looks healthy and gorgeous! The color is so rich. I am curious to hear if/how changing your hairstyle has prompted any shifts in your style, clothing-wise?

Thanks, everyone! Appreciate the very kind words

Jonesy, there have been a few colour additions and subtractions! But so far, no shift in signature style, IYKWIM.

Ah, like ditching the olive items because they are too earthy with your new hair color? (I remember you mentioned that earlier.) I suppose you are still blonde, after all :), just a little warmer and darker than before, so everything still works almost the same.

Jonesy, exactly - good memory! No more olive for me - I will leave it all for you, who wears it so well Also, said goodbye to a few blush items that were not sufficiently saturated. And am saying hello to taupes and toffees! Like thes new items! The moto has been a workhorse! Work well with the darker hair.