Hi all!

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good, affordable texturizer? I have very fine textured, thick, straight hair in a pixie cut. Currently I'm using Got 2 B Playful, which is a great little creme texturizer that gives my hair just the right, well, stickiness I suppose, to hold the look I want.

That said, I can't find it in stores any more! I also read a review of Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play but cannot find that either. Has anyone tried it? What do you think?

Anyone have a product they like?

I generally go for something between these two looks (somewhat depending on how in need of a cut I am) http://tinyurl.com/27qxqgy and http://tinyurl.com/2ey6ave

I know this is Taylor's area of expertise so your input would be greatly appreciated.