Hi friends, I've gone WAY too long without a trip to the stylist but cut and colour day is finally on the calendar (still too far away as my favorite stylist is so busy *sigh*). I was surfing around on hairstyles and came upon this fun tool:

https://www.ukhairdressers.com.....-faces.asp where you upload a picture of your face, take some measurements, and hey presto, they tell you your face shape and recommended styles*. As if often the case, my instincts turned out to be right, but my attempts to mix things up were not. Here's what I learned:

  • my face is long - seems obvious now that I know, but I didn't know that before
  • recommended length is between shoulder and chin - well, this is where I always go back to, but I've been drinking the long hair Koolaid too much lately and keep trying to grow it - to be consistently underwhelmed with the results in the end and cut it again
  • stick straight is not the most helpful, and it emphasizes length and de-emphasized width - me and my straightener - ESPECIALLY when my hair in longer, as it feel neater straight. Double-whammy!
  • curls or texture are helpful - as they emphasize width and de-emphasize length - I can only be bothered to curl when my hair is shorter; else it takes to long. Double win!
  • bobs are ideal for me *smacks forehead* (Angie - you always say so, of course! Is there anything you are not right about style-wise???)
To summarize: keep doing the thing I do when the other thing I do doesn't work out haha! But this was fun and educational - and now that I understand WHY my instincts speak to me as they do, I'll find it easier to stick with what works. *crosses heart*

What hair revelations have you had? If you try the tool, what results did you get? When have your instincts been proven right all along?

*for conventional flattery. If this is not your jam, more power to you!!