Sometimes there is joy in the chase, similar to Angie's story of tracking down the darling Yorkie brooch. My story is nowhere near as dramatic or beautiful, but sometimes persistently stalking an item until it either a) goes on sale or b) appears back in stock makes me want to do a tiny victory dance.

An item that I missed out on during NAS (a gorgeous pair of Zella capris that I really wanted to add to my "dog park"/activewear capsule) kept coming back in stock in my size at the sale price, but disappearing before my order could be fulfilled.

Basically it was individual returns of one item at a time to the fulfillment center, but another customer's order was placed before mine, so my order was cancelled each time when the single item ran out of stock. If it had been returned to a brick and mortar store, I could have actually had customer service track it down and hold it for me, but at the warehouse it's (fairly) first come first serve. Having spent some time learning my own company's warehouse duties this year, this makes perfect sense.

I didn't have much hope, but when I saw it come back in stock early yesterday morning, I jumped on it just in case. Today it showed as "unavailable" once again so I thought it wasn't meant to be, but I just got notification that it's been shipped to me.

It's by no means a life-changing item, but I'll sure be happy seeing that gorgeous color when I look down at my legs.