Hi all,

You are all helping me make massive inroads on things I need for guide dog school. Yes, I know I haven't showed pics yet - I will have to get friends to do these over time, or else have someone come in and just take a whack of shots or something...But trust me, you've all helped! I now have white Sas sneaks that are insanely comfortable, and I love the bronze Emiline loafers y'all persuaded me to try (I just got them today and plan to road-test them stat). I've also found some fun new tops and cropped pants to spruce up my wardrobe, but there is one major area I have left unaddressed. Rain gear.

You see, we work in all weathers at guide dog school, and if it's bucketing rain on a day when we have a long solo walk planned, well that's just too bad. :. So I think what I really need is a polished rain-appropriate topper that's packable and can be kept in my handbag. I know nice versions of such things exist. I'll be scoping out a warehouse sale next week, but in the meantime, Any tips on where some can be found at Canadian retailers?

The other thing I will need, obviously, is rain-appropriate footwear. I do not want to break the bank on these. I do not want them to be tall, because I'd rather leave my myriad calf-fit issues out of the equation.
I did just come across these, but don't have much sense of what they look like. Are they awful or viable? And what on earth are colours like "blossom" and "mist" supposed to be?

Thank you so much. I'll get on this pics thing.