Marcy, thanks for posting the photo and telling our story! I am just now getting a little online access time, before heading back to Seattle later today.

My side of the story: I'm in the Midwest visiting my parents, and my friend came in from the East Coast to visit with us, too. My friend and I were headed up the escalator at Nordstrom behind a woman with a riveting back view, stylishly dressed in this gorgeous Vince dress that I had seen before. . . . I said to my friend, "I love that dress." And I kind of kept eyeing the woman in the dress, trying to get a look at her, because she looked like the woman on whom I had seen the dress before--Parsley! From the side, she looked like she could be Parsley, but I thought her haircut looked a little different. I kept watching her. My friend said, "Boy, I guess you do like that dress, don't you?" I said, "I think I may know that woman." The sandals, the citron bag, . . . yes, it could be Parsley. But I thought she was in a different Midwestern city. By now, we were on the escalator back down, following her to the shoe department, and I said, "Well, I'm just going to go up and ask her if she's Marcy. What harm is there? The worst she can say is No, and I'm sure she wouldn't be offended."

Not much time to visit, but it was so fun running into you, Marcy! Next visit, I will email and let you know I'm going to be in town!

Oh, and what I was wearing: black shorts (Lulu-B); silver linen tank (Eileen Fisher); black and gray print mesh knit cardi (made by me); cross body bag (Aimee Kestenberg); cream Birk-alike sandals (Haflinger, not shown).

Hi Sharan, I'm glad you checked in!
The whole story is so amusing, and amazing. I'm so glad you said hello. I think I was in my usual one-track mind shopping state: oblivious to everything around me, because I had not seen you at all, and how sad it would have been if we had missed the opportunity.
If you're ever back my way you must give me a heads up and we'll go to lunch and maybe fit in a little YLF shopping!

Oh, happy day! Love the fab connection and great outfits.

That is just sooo awesome! What a kick! Three cheers for YLF! I'm so happy that this happened for the two of you.

What a great story, and how wonderful you both look.

Ack! What a FABulous story! What fun. I'm glad Sharan had the courage to approach you Marcy. You booth look terrific and even synchronized in your outfits! And I totally get the "shopping zone" that you were in, lol.

What a fun and fabulous story, and you both look fantastic!

I love this story, what were the chances?! You two look amazing and thrilled. Note to self: step up your game when going to Nordies.

I'm days late, but this unexpected meet-up was too extraordinary not to comment on, Marcy and Sharan!! Two fashionable beauties, from the same fashion forum, finding each other in the middle of Nordstrom, in the middle of the country! Love it, and like a Fashion GPS!

Wow, that's a great story and a great photo!

I keep wondering when I am going to run into a Fabber somewhere...

This is such a great story!! And you both look wonderful!