That's such a great story. And I suppose it is more likely fabbers would find each other in the Nordstrom shoe department than anywhere else. Now we will all have to keep our eyes peeled!

The most impressive part is that your outfits coordinated!

Oh, that is just too cool! And you both look amazing. I better remember this the next time I'm tempted to stop by the mall in my running gear.

That was meant to be - and you do look well coordinated together (and fab of course)!

Unbelievable! You don't live in the same place but ran into each other in a mall wearing coordinating outfits? Wow. And you both look amazingly fab!

You two look absolutely amazing - and yes, coordinated.

This reminds me that on one of my business trips recently (forget which, they are all starting to run together in a blur), I was in the airport bathroom and while washing my hands somebody came up to me, touched me on my arm, smiled, and said something quickly before walking away. It kind of sounded like she said "Shiny - I love you" but I may be imagining that. It gave me quite a start.

Cute! You two look gorgeous!

Stunning women! You both look like you stepped out of a magazine.

So random and amazing! You both look great, and you even kind of coordinate!

Hah! That's so great & you both look fab of course.

What a great story! I can't believe how well your outfits's like it was planned.

Awww, how fun is that?! You both look wonderful!

Great story, so fun that your outfits are so coordinated and you each really do look terrific!

Two stunning ladies. How fun that you recognized each other!

So awesome!

Your outfits do coordinate so nicely. What are the odds?

How amazing! Some coincidences are just touched with serendipity. I think you both look vibrant and marvelous and hope you had a little time to visit on the fly.

Of course, if it was to happen, if would be at a Nordies!

Super cool story guys! I notice people a lot more now, including their outfits and I often wonder if they are Fabbers or just naturally fashionable!

Small world indeed! This reminds me of the time Aida ran into Sheila at Target.

How fun! Note to self: dress up before stepping out of the house.

What a wonderful treat and so funny that your are similarly dressed.

What a great story, a surprise meet up and you both look gorgeous

Wha-hoo! Great story!! Hope you guys had fun!!!

ahaha lol
so funny!!

How amazing, same place, same time, co-ordinated outifts...the ylf kool aid works in some very mysterious ways

Love it! And look at you two, so much fabness. And you even colour-coordinated your beautiful outfits;-)

So cool! And you both look stunning.

oh, this is to much fun! you both look fab!

That was one of those rare coincidences that was supposed to be..You ladies just look wonderful and if you had called before hand and said,"I am wearing the grey EF silk, what do you have to go with it?"...You wouldn't have done a better job...Thanks for a wonderful smile...

Wow, wow, wow!!! First, let me just say you both look, drop dead run around the block screaming, stunning!! But don't you just feel the forces of karma around you? Destiny works in baffling and wonderful ways!! What wonderful fun!! Fabulous!!

So cool! The pair of you look amazing!

How wonderful! You are both so beautiful!